SupaSet 42,5R 50KG

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SupaSet 42,5R 50KG

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SupaSet – 42,5 R

Supaset is a rapid setting cement which offers quick turnaround on production resulting in higher productivity and better returns. It is a premium brand which offers high quality bricks, concrete and other applications for less. The product has undergone stringent testing in laboratories and with customers to ensure the consistency and reliability for block making and concrete applications. The consistent quality and fast setting properties make it the ideal choice for concrete brick makers, builders, architects, engineers and contractors for high strength concrete applications and DIY enthusiasts. Concrete up to 40MPa can be produced using this cement.


SupaSet for blockmaking and concrete offers consistent strength, fast setting, workability and durability, making it perfect for:

  • Brick and blockmaking

  • Precast operations

  • Structural concrete applications

  • Dam/reservoir construction

Strength Performance

SupaSet for blockmaking and concrete offers the following characteristics:

  • A high rate of early strength development improving the productivity of concrete product manufacturers.

  • The fast drying rate allows for blocks to be moved quicker increasing the productivity of concrete brick makers with limited storage space.

  • Improved workability: for easier placing, compaction and finishing.

  • Reduced water requirement resulting in less cracking and more strength, leaving fewer surface cracks and imperfections.

  • Better cohesion: the concrete stays uniformly mixed, instead of segregating before the concrete can set.

Safety when handling Cement

  • Avoid contact with cement (skin, eyes, and mouth) and wear gloves.

  • Skin exposed to wet concrete should be washed as soon as possible.

  • Wear protective dust masks.

  • Medical attention should be sought in cases of excessive inhalation or eye contact


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