Agreement Terms Sample

By submitting your order and authorizing the charges on your card, you are legally bound to the following terms:

I,  [Names], acknowledge that I authorize to charge $100.00 on behalf of Zim Megastore today, and  $50.00 on the following payment dates:

$50.00 on Thursday April 11, 2019

$50.00 on Saturday May 11, 2019

I acknowledge that a total of $200.00 USD will be paid to Zim Megastore by Tuesday June 11, 2019.

I acknowledge that the credit card(s) or payment method(s) I am using to make this purchase will be active, valid and have sufficient funds available during the entire term of the payback period. If for any reason my payment is declined, I will provide an alternative, valid payment method.

I understand that I will be charged a late fee(s)  of $10  if a payment is missed on any of the agreed-upon payment dates for any reason whatsoever.

I understand that I am legally bound to these terms and required by law to make all payments on the agreed-upon payment dates.

Zim Megastore reserves the right to report Default payments to Credit Reporting Agencies of the country you are based in and collections agencies.

In cases were Zim Megastore cannot retrieve its payments from the account holder for goods delivered in Zimbabwe, Zim Megastore hold the right to recover the debt in Zimbabwe by holding accountable the person who signed and received the goods in Zimbabwe, and such will be pursued via debt collectors in Zimbabwe.